Song of the day #48 – Find You

Monday, Day 34 of 2014. Today is the beginning of another week. Today I went running with my dad and turned in an assignment to make a 2nd ending of the book, Of Mice and Men. In case you didn’t know, the Superbowl was on Sunday. There were many great commercials during the Superbowl, and some of my favorite artists were featured. IDGAFOS and Find You were two great songs that were briefly in a commercial. Find You is a song by Zedd, the new upcoming electronic artist. Zedd has sprung up and gotten into the mainstream, with his songs hitting the radiostations. Zedd’s song Clarity is a very popular song many people may know. Overall, I’m very happy that my favorite artists are getting recognition especially during an important time such as the Superbowl. Enjoy and have a nice Monday!

Commercial featuring Zedd

Dillon Francis IDGAFOS

IDGAFOS is featured as the 3rd phone’s song. The Teenager listens to Dillon Francis XD




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