Song of the day #40 – Vie En Rose

Wednesday, Day 22. Yesterday I got my order of Fountain Pens in the mail. I was experimenting with how they work, and I got ink all over the place. Fountain pens are cool though haha. I feel sad and nostalgic today. Today’s song will be Vie En Rose by Pomplamoose. Pomplamoose was my previous Weekend Recommend artist, and I’d lov eto use their song Vie En Rose as song of the day #40. Vie En Rose is a french song written by  Édith Piaf, and Pomplamoose made a sweet cover of it. Do I understand any of the lyrics in this song? Nope. Do I love it? Absolutely. I love Natalie Dawn’s singing in this and her soothing voice brings this song alive. Overall, this sad but sweet song makes me feel good. Enjoy!

Video song by Pomplamoose (Every instrument heard can be seen during the video)

Other versions – Original and Louis Armstrong’s Version.

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