Song of the day #27

Tuesday. Today was a good day, had a little party in my String orchestra class. Finals are coming next week and I will be studying. (Hopefully :D) I probably wont post anything for about 2 weeks. Anways, I’ve been listening to some sad songs recently, and so today’s songs are Iscariot by Walk the Moon and She is Love by Parachute. Walk the Moon is a relatively unpopular band, but they have a lot of potential. Walk the Moon will probably become as popular as Imagine Dragons, or any other rising group. The song Iscariot is a little slow in the beginning, but it becomes outstanding later on. “that’s what you’re asking, but you’re gonna get more than you bargained for” Walk the Moon is definitely worth checking out. She is Love is a pleasant song by Parachute that has great guitar and singing combined. Parachute is also a great band worth checking out. I’ve know Parachute for a couple years and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed. “They call her love” Both of these song’s have pretty great album covers. Enjoy! I willing be posting more articles later on.


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