Artist Appreciation – Los Campesinos!

Ok so this is the first of possibly many Artist Spotlight/Appreciation. Today I will talk about Los Campesinos! Los Campesinos are a UK indie pop band. They make very unique music that I enjoy.
Recently their new album No Blues came out. They’ve made 5 albums so far, and each one is pretty good. If you want catchy lyrics, dancy energetic music, or emotional mellow music, this is your band. Los Campesinos uses various instruments, since it is a relatively large band.

My favorite songs by them are:

I love this intro electronic synth.

Sad but energetic. Catchy!

This intro is great. Overall very cheerful.

Sad 😦

Hilarious song name and lyrics.

Overall, Los Campesinos! is a great band with several different tones in their music. Their music is energetic, cheerful, catchy, and sometimes sad. Many of their songs are worth listening to and they are definitely worth following.

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